Our country is rich in agricultural land and to make it prosperous Nepal. Over the past 15years our company East West Seeds company Pvt.Ltd. has been helping to all Nepalese farmer by serving them all required materials which includes seeds, different insecticide, pesticides, fungicides which are needed for plants for their growth and development to yield large product provides services throughout /(East mechi to West Mahakali) Nepal. Our company has been providing the service related to agricultural products all over the nation. We Import materials from different countries specially India.

Our Company has been importing different types of products from different companies. Mainly our company importing from following Indian company.

Super Distributor

1. Tropical Agro System(I) Pvt.Ltd
2. Bayer seeds Pvt.Ltd.
3. Advanta India Ltd.
4. Maharastra Hybride Seeds Company Pvt.Ltd.
5. Nath Bio-Genes (I) Pvt.Ltd.
6. Sugro Seeds Ltd.
7. Delta Agrigenetics Pvt.Ltd.
8. Aishwarya Seeds Pvt.Ltd.
9. Savannah seeds Pvt.Ltd.
10. TriMurti Plant & Science
11. Mahabir Bajarang Agro Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
12. Nath Royal Seeds.


1. HPM chem & Fertilizer Pvt.Ltd.
2. Golden Seeds Pvt.Ltd..
3. US. Agri Seeds.
4. Metahelix Life science Ltd.
5. UPL Limited
6. Indoamerican Hybride Seeds India pvt.Ltd.
7. Seedworks International Pvt.Ltd.
8. Sheel Bio-Tech
9. Laxmi Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
10. Nexgen Seeds company LPP.India
11. RNS Bio-Science
12. Ranker Agro Tech


• To encourage farmers for Seed Production of different agricultural crops at Village level itself.
• To promote the farmers for use of certified/qualities seed including HYV seeds.
• To make the farmers self sufficient in respect of seeds.
• Enhancing productivity & farmer’s incomes and bridge the yield gap.
• Creation/Strengthening infrastructure facilities for production and distribution of quality seeds in public sector and private sector.


• To make available quality seeds to the farmers locally.
• To encourage farmers, FPOs for taking Seed production of all crops including oilseeds, Pulses, green manure and fodder crops, making available quality seeds of these crops to farmers locally.
• To increase farmers income through seed production.
• To Train the farmers for Seed Production and Seed Technology at village level.
• Supplementing the efforts of State Government for farmers.
• Promoting implementation of DBT in distribution of seeds subsidy to the intended farmers/beneficiaries bank account.


• To bridge the gap in productivity levels by using quality seeds
• Maintaining sustainability with profitability.
• Creation of seed infrastructure for production and distribution of seeds to the farmers locally
• To make available certified/quality seeds at affordable /subsidized cost in remote and hill States as available in the other part of the country.


• To upgrade the quality of farm saved seeds.
• To make available financial assistance for distribution of foundation/certified seed at subsidized cost for production of quality seeds.
• To train the farmers on seeds production and Seed Technology aspects for the seed crops grown in the Seed villages.
• To encourage farmers to develop seed storage capacity of appropriate quality.
• To encourage the farmers for quality seed production.
• To create/strengthening infrastructure facilities in Public Sector for seed cleaning, drying, grading, processing, treating, packing and seed storage for production and distribution of quality seeds in public sector and private sector.
• To make timely availability of certified/quality seeds at affordable price to the farmers of hill remote areas of Nepal.